Specifications from the 1963 Mercury Monterey and S-55 Registered Owners Manual

Dimensions (Inches)
Overall Length:
     All Models Except Station Wagon   215.0
     Station Wagons 209.9
Overall Height(Loaded):
     Sedans and Hardtops   55.5
     Convertibles   54.9
     Station Wagons 56.9
Overall Width:
      All Models Except Station Wagons 80.0
      Station Wagons 79.9
Tread -- All Models
      Front 61.0
      Rear 60.0
      All Models 120.0

Axle Gear Ratios
Your car will be equiped with an axle having one of the following gear ratios:
3.00:1, 3.50:1, 3.89:1, or 4.11:1.

NOTE: The gear ratio may be identified by means of a tag on the rear axle housing or the code number on the warranty plate.

Refill Capacities (U.S. Measures)
Cooling System 19 quarts*
Engine Oil (Including Oil Filter) 6 quarts
Fuel Tank:
      All Models Except Station Wagons 20 gallons
      Station Wagons 21 gallons
Rear Axle:
(When Changing Lube Due to Temperature Requirements)   5.0 pints**
Standard Transmission As required or 3½ pints
Merc-O-Matic Transmission As required or 11¼ pints
*Add 1 quart with if car is equipped with heater.
**With 406 cu. in. Engine -- 5.5 pints

Refill Capacities (Imperial Measures)
The Canadian Provinces employ an Imperial liquid measure which is 1/5 larger than similar units of liquid measure used under United States standard. If the approximate equivalent liquid capacities are desired, Multiply the specified U.S. measure by .83 to obtain Imperial gallons. Multiply the Imperial measure by 1.2 to obtain the approximate equivalent in U.S. gallons.

390 V-8
Super 390 V-8
Displacement Cu. In. 390 390
Bore (Inches) 4.05 4.05
Stroke (Inches) 3.78 3.78
Compression Ratio 8.9 9.6
Type V8-90°OHV V8-90°OHV
Carburetor 2-V 4-V
Firing Order 15426378 15426378
Fuel Requirement Regular Premium
Idle Speed (RPM)*:
   Standard Transmission in Neutral 500-525 500-525
Automatic Transmission in Drive 475-500 475-500

Point Gap (Inches) .014-.016
Dwell at Idle (Degrees):   26°-28½°

Ignition Timing**: Carburetors
Normal: 2-V 4-V
   Standard Transmission
   Automatic Transmission
*Minimum (All Engines and Transmissions)
    Standard Transmission: 11°
    Automatic Transmission: 11° 11°
Radiator Filler Cap (PSI) 13-15

Spark Plugs (Autolite)
Type BF-42
Thread Size 18mm
Gap (Inches) 0.032-0.036
Torque (Lbs.-Ft.) 15-20

* On air conditioner equipped cars, the engine idle speed should be set with the air conditioner turned on for a minimum of 20 minutes and the blower speed on "HI." The car windows should also be open.

** Ignition timing requirements may vary depending upon locality, fuel, and operating conditions. In order to obtain maximum economy and performance, the timing may be advanced to a point just short of audible detonation under load but not to exceed 5° over the normal setting.

If the use of sub-standard fuels is encountered, the initial setting may be retarded from the normal setting. However, do not retard the initial setting beyond 2°B.T.D.C.

Multi-Drive Merc-O-Matic Transmission:
  Speeds Three Speeds Forward, One Reverse
  Type Single stage torque converter with three speed
fully automatic planetary gear train
Manual Transmissions:
   Three speeds forward, one reverse (Fully synchronized in all forward gears)
   Four speeds forward, one reverse (Fully synchronized in all forward gears)

   Sedans and Hardtop without Air Conditioning  7.50:14
   All other Models 8.00:14
Pressure (PSI)*:
   All Models Except Station Wagons 24
   Station Wagons
      Front 24
      Front 24
      Rear 28

* For considerable high-speed driving, heavy loads, or for maximum fuel economy, add 4 to 6 pounds to the recommended cold pressure.

Battery Manual
Ampere Hour Rating 55 65 70
Volts 12 12 12
Ground Terminal Polarity Negative Negative Negative
Number of Cells 6 6 6
Number of Plates Per Cell 11 13 13

Alternator (Amperage)       30

Fuses Ratings
Dome, Instrument Panel and Exterior
Lamps (Except Headlamps)
3AG-15 Fuse Block on Main Light Switch
Instrument Panel Lamp Rheostat SFE-7.5 Fuse-Cartridge in Feed Wire
Turn Indicator Lights/ Back-up Lamps SFE-14 Fuse Block on Main Lighting Switch
Radio SFE-7.5 Fuse Block on Main Lighting Switch
Windshield Washer Pump SFE-14 Fuse-Cartridge in Feed Wire
Clock 1AG-2
or AGA-2
Fuse Block on Main Lighting Switch
Spotlamp SFE-7.5 Fuse-Cartridge in Feed Wire
Air Conditioner AGC-15
or 3AG-15
Fuse-Cartridge in Feed Wire
Heater Blower SFE-14 Fuse Block on Main Lighting Switch

Circuit Breakers Rating
Headlamps 18 Intergral with Main Light Switch
Windshield Wiper Motor
   Single-Speed 5 On edge of instrument panel-
left of steering column
   Two-Speed 12 On edge of instrument panel-
left of steering column
Cigarette Lighter Reset Attached to Lighter Socket
Air Conditioning --Deluxe 20 On edge of instrument panel-
left of steering column
Electric Window Regulator Power
Circuit, Seat Motor Power Circuit
Convertible Top Power Circuit
30 On Starter Motor Relay

Lamp Location Number of
Candle Power
or Wattage
Instrument Panel:
    Hi-Beam Indicator 1 2 C.P. 1895
    Speedometer Pointer 1 1.5 C.P. 1445
    Turn Signal Indicator 2 2 C.P. 1895
    Automatic Transmission Selector 1 1 C.P. 161
    Cluster Illumination 8 2 C.P. 1895
    Radio Dial 1 1.9 C.P. 1891
    Courtesy - All Models 2 4 C.P. 1155
    "S-55" - Door Mounted 2 15 C.P. 1003
    Ash Tray 1 15 C.P. 1003
    Dome 1 15 C.P. 1003
    Glove Compartment 1 2 C.P. 1895
    Quarter Reading Lamps
    (Sedans and Hardtops)
2 15 C.P. 1003
    Cargo Lamp - Station Wagon 1 15 C.P. 1003
    Parking Brake Warning Lamp 1 2 C.P. 257
        Hi-Beam (# 1) 2 37.5W 4001
        Hi-Lo Beam (# 2) 2 50/37.5W 4002
    Front Turn Signal/Parking 2 32/4 C.P. 1157
    Rear Turn Signal, Stop/Tail:
        Station Wagons* 4 32/4 C.P. 1157
        Passenger Car 4 32/4 C.P. 1157
    Rear License Lamp 1 4 C.P. 1155
Back-Up Lamp
    Passenger Car 2 21 C.P. 1141
    Station Wagon 2 21 C.P. 1141
    Luggage Compartment 1 4 C.P. 1155
    Spotlamp 1 30 C.P. 4405

*The inner lamps are replaced with back-up lamps, if so equipped.

Major Safety items such as headlamps, tail lights, and stop lights should always be in good operating condition.

Prompt replacement of burned-out bulbs and repairs to damaged wiring is a must for safety.

This info taken from the 1963 Mercury Monterey and S-55 Registered Owners Manual