1963 Mercury Comet Identification (Patent Plate)

Body Style Codes

Code Number Body Style Body Type
02 54A 4-Door Sedan
12 54B 4-Door Sedan - Custom
21 59A 2-Door Station Wagon
23 59B 2-Door Station Wagon - Custom
01 62A 2-Door Sedan
11 62B 2-Door Sedan - Custom
17 62C 2-Door "S-22" Sedan
17 63B 2-Door Hardtop
17 63C 2-Door "S-22" Hardtop
22 71A 2-door Station Wagon
24 71B 4-door Station Wagon - Custom
26 71C 4-door Station Wagon - Villager
26 71D 4-door Station Wagon - Villager Bucket Seat
15 76A 2-door Convertible
15 76B 2-door "S-22" Convertible

Engine Codes

Code Engine Type
S 6 Cyl. 144 C.I.D., 1-V CARB.
2 6 Cyl. 144 C.I.D., 1-V CARB.(Low Comp.)
U 6 Cyl. 170 C.I.D., 1-V CARB.(Low Comp.)
4 6 Cyl. 170 C.I.D., 1-V CARB.(Low Comp.)
F 8 Cyl. 260 C.I.D., 2-V CARB.

Transmission Code

Code Transmission Type
1 Standard (3-Speed) (3/S)
3 Automatic (2-Speed) (2/S)
5 Standard (4-Speed) (4/S)

Rear Axle Codes

Code Ratio
1 3.00:1
2 3.10:1
3 3.20:1
4 3.25:1
5 3.50:1
7 3.80:1
9 4.00:1

Exterior Paint Codes

(A "No Punch" in the Paint Code Space Designates Special Paint)
Code Color *Spec. Nbr.
A Presidental Black M30J-1724
B Peacock Turquoise M30J-1613
D Ocean Turquoise Metallic M30J-1451
E Pacific Blue Metallic M30J-1448
J Carnival Red M30J-1515
H Blue Satin Metallic M30J-1447
I Castillian Gold M30J-1459
M Sultana White M30J-1238
P Scotch Green M30J-1454
T Champagne M30J-1543
W Pink Frost M30J-1555
X Black Cherry Metallic M30J-1444
Y Cascade Blue M30J-1553
Z Desert Frost Metallic M30J-1427
(*M-32J Acrylic Enamel is alternate with M-30J Enamel.)

Vehicle Date Code

Code Letter Code Letter* Month Code Letter Code Letter* Month
A N January G U July
B P February H V August
C Q March J W September
D R April K X October
E S May L Y November
F T June M Z December
* 2 year code letters to be used if 1963 models exceed 12 months

Data taken from 1960-64 Master Parts Catalog