1960 Mercury Identification(Patent Plate)

Patent Plate

The patent plate, which includes the serial number, body style, body color, trim code, date of assembly, transmission code, and axle code, is rivited to the left front body pillar, between the front door hinges.

Serial Number

The serial number designates model year of vehicle, assembly plant code letter, body type identification code number, engine code letter, and consecutive unit number.

Model Year

Number zero (0) denotes 1960 model year.

Assembly Plant Code Letters

Code Letter Assembly Plant
J Los Angeles
T Metuchen
Z St. Louis
W Wayne

Body Styles

Code Number Body Style Body Type
31 64A Monterey 2-Door Sedan
32 58A 4-Door Sedan
33 63A 2-Door Hardtop
34 57A 4-Door Hardtop
35 76A 2-Door Convertible
37 77A Commuter 4-Door
Station Wagon (6-8 Passenger)
42 58B Montclair 4-Door Sedan
43 63B 2-Door Hardtop
44 57B 4-Door Hardtop
53 63F Park Lane 2-Door Hardtop
54 57F 4-Door Hardtop
55 76D 2-Door Convertible
57 77B Colony Park 4-Door
Station Wagon (6-8 Passenger)

Engine Identification Code Letters

Code Letter Engine
 M 430 CID-2V Carburetor
*F 430 CID-2V Low Compression
 N 383 CID-2V Carburetor
*E 383 CID-2V Low Compression
 P 312 CID-2V Carburetor
* For Export Only

Consecutive Unit Number

Each assembly plant consecutive unit number begins with 500001.


The vehicle specification code denotes information pertaining to body style, color, trim, day and month vehicle was assembled, transmission code, and axle code.

Body Color Code

Exterior paint colors are designated by code letters; the lower body color code first and the upper body color code last.

Trim Code

The trim code number indicates the color and type of trim material.

Day and Month of Year Code

The number indicates the day of the month vehicle was built and letter indicates the month. Following is the month of the year code chart:
A January
B February
C March
D April
E May
F June
G July
H August
J September
K October
L November
M December

Transmission Code

The transmission code number indicates the type of transmission installed in the vehicle.
Code Number Type of
Engine Usage
1 Standard 312 CID-2V
3 PBM - Automatic Single Range 312 CID-2V
4 PBL - Automatic Dual Range 383 CID-2V
5 PBL - Automatic Single Range 383 CID-2V
6 PBB - Automatic Dual Range 430 CID-2V
7 PBB - Automatic Single Range 430 CID-2V

Real Axle Ratio Code

The rear axle code number indicates the ratio of the axle installed in the vehicle.
Code No. Axle Ratio Transmission And Engine Usage
1 3.56 With Standard Transmission - 312 CID-2V
3 3.10 With Automatic Transmission - 312 CID-2V
5 2.71 *R.P.O with Automatic Transmission - 383 CID-2V
6 2.91 Standard with Automatic Transmission - 383 CID-2V
7 2.71 *R.P.O with Automatic Transmission - 430 CID-2V
8 2.91 Standard with Automatic Transmission - 430 CID-2V
*Regular Production Option

Data taken from "1960 Mercury Maintenance Manual, FORM MD-6077-60, OCTOBER 1959"