1960 Mercury Feature Facts - Specifications

Standard Equipment on All 1960 Mercurys

Body Features:

Rigidized Construction - with double-panel hood, deck lid and doors. Compound windshield. Safely-Sweep windshield wipers. Cross-flow ventilation. Safety steering wheel. Exteriors - Super-Enamel in 15 colors; 26 two-tones. Interior - exclusive designs for each series. Fabrics with 100% nylon face. All-Vinyl interiors at no extra cost for Montclair, Park Lane, and Colony Park models. Tufted-loop carpeting (except Commuter).

Power Train:

Overhead valve V-8 engines in 3 sizes. 12-volt electrical. Gas-saving 2bbl carburetors. Vacuum-centrifugal spark control. Full-pressure lubrication. 18mm spark plugs. The 383- and 430-cu in, engines have in-block combustion chambers; 3-stage cooling; water-jacketed intake manifold.; hydraulic valve lifters; step-top pistons. Merc-O-Matic; Combination of fluid torque converter and 3-speed planetary gear set. Mulit-Drive Merc-O-Matic with dual drive ranges and 6-position selector lever.

Chassis Features:

Ladder-type frame- with box-girder side rails. X-type reinforcement for convertible. Front suspension: Swept-back ball-joint design with anti-drive. Helical-coil springs. Full-cushion shock absorbers. Link-type front torsion-bar stabilizer. Steering ratios: 29.1 to 1 for Monterey and Commuter; 31.1 to 1 for Montclair and Colony Park; 20.5 to 1 with power steering. Rear suspension: Splay-mounted leaf-type rear springs - 60" long. Compression-type shackles. Hotchkiss drive. Self-adjusting brakes: 11-inch brake drums. Brake width 3" (f), 2½ (r). Total brake lining area - 233.1 sq. in.

This info taken from the 1960 Mercury Showroom Brochure (Form M60-105)