1960 Mercury Comet Identification (Patent Plate)

Patent Plate

The patent plate lists the serial number, body style, body color, trim code, date of assembly, transmission code, and axle ratio code. It is riveted to the rear face of the left front door. See figure 13A-1 for an illustration of a typical patent plate.

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Serial Number

The serial number designates the model year of the vehicle, the plant which assembled the vehicle, body type identification code number, engine identification, and consecutive unit number.

Model Year Identification

The numeral (0) denotes Model Year 1960.

Assembly Plant Identification

Code Letter Assembly Plant
H Lorain
K Kansas City
R San Jose
T Metuchen

Body Styles

Code Number Body Style Body Type
01 62A 2-Door Sedan
02 54A 4-Door Sedan
06 59A 2-Door Station Wagon
07 71A 4-Door Station Wagon

Engine Identification Code Letters

Code Letter Engine
S 144 CID 6 Cyl. O.H.V.
D 144 CID 6 Cyl. O.H.V.
(Low Compression 84 Octane)

Consecutive Unit Number

Each assembly plant consecutive unit number begins with 800001.

Vehicle Specifications

The vehicle specification codes contain body style, color, trim, day and month the vehicle was assembled, transmission code, and rear axle code.

Color Code
A single letter designates a solid body color and two letters and a number suffix denote a conventional two-tone - the first letter, the lower color and the second letter, the upper color.

Plate Patent Color "M" Number
A Tuxedo Velvet M30J-1724
C Crystal Turquoise M30J-1139
E Cote D'Azure Blue Metallic M30J-1225
F Inlet Blue M30J-1226
H Javelin Bronze Metallic M30J-1230
J Signal Red M30J-1232
K Twilight Turquoise Metallic M30J-1233
M Sultana White M30J-1238
N Sahara Beige M30J-1249
Q Royal Lilac Metallic M30J-1248
R Buttercup Yellow M30J-1375
T Valley Green Metallic M30J-1273
U Bronze Rose Metallic M30J-1266
W Cameo green M30J-1274
Z Cloud Silver Metallic M30J-1287

Trim Code

A two digit number indicates the type of trim and the trim color.

Trim Code Trim Scheme
01 White Vinyl & Sapphire Tweed B/cloth
02 Green Vinyl and Sapphire Tweed B/cloth
03 Red Vinyl and Sapphire Tweed B/cloth
04 Turquoise Vinyl and Sapphire Tweed B/cloth
05* Green Vinyl and Green Honeycomb B/cloth
06* Red Vinyl and Black Honeycomb B/cloth
07* Turquoise Vinyl and Turquoise Honeycomb B/cloth
08* White & Black Vinyl
09 Red and Black Vinyl
*Deluxe RPO Trim

Date and Month of Year Code

The number indicates the day of the month vehicle was built and the letter indicates the month. Following is the month of year code chart:
Code Letter Code Letter* Month Code Letter Code Letter* Month
A N January G U July
B P February H V August
C Q March J W September
D R April K X October
E S May L Y November
F T June M Z December
* To be used if 1960 models exceed 12 months

Transmission Code

The transmission code number indicates the type of transmission installed in the vehicle.
Code Number Transmission
1 Standard
3 Comet Drive (Two Speed)

Rear Axle Ratio Code

Code Ratio
1 3.56:1
2 3.89:1
3 3.10:1
J 3.50:1

Data taken from 1960 Comet Maintenance Manual (FORM MD-10249), and 1960-64 Master Parts Catalog