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* From: Mike Filz
* Posted: 18 August 2006 at 14:10

I did a disk brake swap on my 1964 Merc Park Lane Vert using info from NORMAN MASTERS I found on a Merc web site. I used 79 Falcon spindals and related brake parts with 2' drop coils. Front end looks as though it has too much negitive castor on the front wheels {IE top of tire sticks out further to the side than where the tire contacts the road} I removed ALL shims and it still looks like I have the same problem.
Does anyone know if I will have a front end allingment issue when using 79 Falcon spindals on a 64 Merc Park Lane?? PLEASE advise!!

RE(12027): Disk brake conversion on 64 Park Lane using 79 Falcon spindals???!!
(Norman Master)
18 August 2006 at 17:39

Mike, at first glance the generally acceptable spindles from any of the (`74 thru `79) Ford Intermediates bodies were thought to be all the same has proven to be in error. A member at another forum did some measurements and found inconsistencies in the location of the upper ball joint hole in relationship to the machined surface behind the splash shield on the spindle. Three different spindles were tested and measurements were taken using the machined flat surface as a reference point to the closest edge of the tapered ball joint hole. Findings as follows:

One spindle measured 3 3/4
A second spindle measured 3 11/16
and a third spindle measured 3 7/8

The spindle that measured 3 3/4 was found to be the most acceptable to obtain the correct alignment settings. As you can see, if you have the third spindle the tire could have significant camber issues that cause the tire to wear on the outside edge.

If you measure your spindles, please post results of your findings as it appears we are still trying to gather all the facts about which parts are the most correct for usage.

Hope this info is helpful,


RE(12029): Disk brake conversion on 64 Park Lane using 79 Falcon spindals???!!

(Norman Master)
18 August 2006 at 17:45
Also, Not sure whether you have any alignment specs for your car so thought I would pass on what I set my cars at. I have found the following (two) alignment settings work the best for the `64 type front end.

Steering type: Caster Camber Toe-in
Manual steering: -1/4 to -3/8 +1/8 3/16
Power steering: +3/16 to +7/16 +1/8 3/16


Manual steering - Setting caster on the negative side of 0 helps the car to turn during slow or stopped turns. The higher you set the negative setting the easier or lighter the steering will feel during driving. If the setting is to high (-) the car will have a wandering or loose feeling. I have mine set at - and it does wander, but is easier to turn. - 1/4 to 5/16 is probably a good setting to start with to see how it feels.

Power steering - caster should be set to the positive side of 0 for better road feel. The higher (+) setting will give better road feel, but to high can affect tire wear. My current setting is + 1/8 and the steering stills feels to light.


Info Courtesy of Norman Master

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