Here's How: Fender Air Scoops

Designed to ventilate the front brakes, these functional air intakes were built into the front fenders of a '64 Mercury. Not a difficult task top preform, they are different from the ordinary scoop styling treatments in that the openings are concave, or dished down into the fender panel. Then again, rather than merely cutting a straight scoop into the fender panel, it was decided to style it in keeping with the fender and chrome design. Small scoop teeth were handmade from strips of aluminum bar stock; then, polished and chrome plated for finishing touch.
1. Make up a pattern from cardboard to the exact shape of the scoop you desire. 2. Cut into the panel with an air cutter at the rear edge of the outlined scoop.
3. Now, mark a new line about one inch inside of the front edge and cut panel out. 4. Using hear at radiused points, contour in the remaining front edge with a dolly. 5. The edges of the fender opening should be trimmed smooth by using metal shears.
6. Using the same cardboard pattern, cut a pair of panels from 20 ga. sheet metal. 7. With a universal dolly and a body hammer form the edges of the panels to fit scoop. 8. Trim the edges of the panels to fit in the scoop openings, tack welding in place.
9. Now, weld the scoop panel all-around to fender proper; then, hammer-weld them. 10. Contour a piece of 1/8' steel rod to follow the leading edge of each fender. 11. Clamp the formed rod to the edge of scoop and weld with piece of 1/16' rod.
12. After welding is complete, smooth out the fender panel with a hammer/dolly. 13. Grind the outer edges of the welding with a #36 closed coat body grinder disc. 14. Clean up all of the welds with a #50 grit sanding pad attached to a small drill.
15. Another cardboard pattern with spaced lines will locate the chrome scoop trim. 16. Mark holes in center of scoop cavity from side lines and drill for trim pieces. 17. Following a good sanding and primering, finish paint and add chrome pieces.

Taken from Car Craft, March 1964. Vol. 11, No. 11