1980 Ford Colors

Code Number Color Sales Name Sample
12 5694 Light Gray Light Gray color sample
14 not available Anniversary Silver Anniversary Silver (Thunderbird) color sample
1C 1724 Black Black color sample
1E not available Pewter Poly Pewter Metallic color sample
1P 5523 Medium Gray Poly Medium Gray Metallic color sample
27 5734 Bright Red Bright Red color sample
2G 5680 Bright Bittersweet Bright Bittersweet color sample
2H 5636 Medium Red Poly Medium Red Metallic (Glamour Color) color sample
2K 5681 Candyapple Red Candyapple Red color sample
3D 5664 Dark Blue Poly Dark Blue Metallic color sample
3F 5608 Light Medium Blue Light Medium Blue color sample
3H 5613 Medium Blue Poly Medium Blue Metallic (Glamour Color) color sample
3L 5616 Dark Blue Poly Dark Blue Metallic color sample
4E 5668 Pastel Pine Poly Pastel Pine Metallic color sample
5T 5663 Bright Caramel Bright Caramel color sample
6B 5738 Sand Poly Sand Metallic (Glamour Color) color sample
6D 5620 Pastel Sand Pastel Sand color sample
6N 5733 Bright Yellow Bright Yellow color sample
7M 5612 Dark Pine Poly Dark Pine Metallic color sample
8A 5667 Dark Chamois Poly Dark Chamois Metallic color sample
8D 5736 Medium Bittersweet Poly Medium Bittersweet Metallic color sample
8N 5496 Dark Cordovan Poly Dark Cordovan Metallic color sample
8W 5739 Chamois Poly Chamois Metallic color sample
9D 5418 White White color sample

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