1976 Lincoln Colors

Code Number Color Sales Name Sample
1C 1724 Black Black
1J 5411 Silver Metallic (Diamond Flare - Polish) Silver Diamond Fire
1N 5476 Dove Gray Dove Gray
2G 5070 Metallic Red Moondust
2M 3413 Dark Red Dark Red
2P 5397 Medium Taupe Metallic (Diamond Flare - Polish) Medium Taupe Diamond Fire (Continental Only)
2S 5444 Dark Red Metallic (Diamond Bright - Polish) Dark Red
2T 5462 Rose Metallic (Crystals) Rose Crystal (Mark IV Only)
2U 5455 Bright Red Lipstick Red (Mark IV Only)
3G 5094 Bright Dark Blue Metallic Dark Blue
3P 5401 Bright Blue Metallic (Diamond Flare - Polish) Blue Diamond Fire
3R 5303 Silver Blue Metallic (Diamond Flare - Polish) Silver Blue Diamond Fire
3S 5443 Light Blue Light Blue
45 5410 Aqua Blue Metallic (Diamond Flare - Polish) Aqua Blue Diamond Fire (Mark IV Only)
46 5328 Dark Jade Metallic Dark Jade
51 5395 Ginger Bronze Metallic (Diamond Flare - Polish) Ginger Bronze Diamond Fire
54 5409 Gold Bronze Metallic (Diamond Flare - Polish) Unique Gold Diamond Fire (Continental Only)
59 5450 Medium Chestnut Metallic Medium Chestnut Diamond Fire
5Q 5247 Dark Brown Metallic Dark Brown
6P 5406 Cream Cream
6U 5441 Tan Tan
6Y 5461 Bright Yellow Gold Metallic (Diamond Flare - Polish) Bright Yellow Gold Diamond Fire
7A 5445 Light Jade Light Jade (Continental Only)
7B 5463 Light Jade Metallic (Crystals) Light Jade Crystal (Mark IV Only)
8A 5458 Light Apricot Metallic (Crystals) Light Apricot Crystal (Mark IV Only)
9D 5418 White White

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