1971 Mercury Colors

Code Number Color Sales Name Sample
1 1730 Calypso Coral Competition Orange
2 5080 Medium Bright Yellow Bright Yellow
3 3560 Bright Red Bright Red
49 5072 Medium Ivy Bronze Metallic (Glamour paint) Ivy Bronze
5 3564 Medium Ginger Metallic Medium Brown
6 3077 Bright Blue Metallic Bright Blue
7 3059 Maroon Maroon
79 5071 Medium Ginger Bronze Metallic (Glamour paint) Ginger Brown
8 3198 Light Gold Light Gold
9 3120 Yellow Pastel Yellow (Cougar spring color)
A 1724 Black History Onxy Black
B 3562 Maroon Metallic Maroon
C 3542 Dark Green Metallic Dark Green
D 3470 Bright Yellow Competition Yellow
E 3492 Medium Goldreron Yellow Medium Yellow Gold
F 5087 Medium Blue Metallic Medium Blue
H 3472 Light Green Light Green
I 5001 Bright Lime Green Bright Lime Green
J 3657 Grabber Blue Competition Blue
M 1619 White Knight White
N 921 Platinum Pastel Blue
P 3462 Medium Green Metallic Medium Green
Q 3064 Medium Blue Metallic Medium Blue
S 1736 Medium Gray Gold Metallic Gray Gold
T 2008 Red Red
U 3659 Grabber Orange Competition Gold
V 3314 Light Pweter Metallic Light Pweter
W 3341 Yellow Yellow
X 1903 Dark Blue Metallic Dark Blue
Y 5088 Dark Blue Metallic Dark Blue
Z 5002 Grabber Green Metallic Competition Green

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