1970 Lincoln Colors

Code Number Color Sales Name Sample
09 3597 Olive Bronze Metallic Olive Stardust (Glamour Paint)
19 3595 Ivy Bronze Metallic Green Stardust (Glamour Paint)
2 3071 Light Ivy Yellow Light Ivy Yellow
5 3564 Medium Brown Metallic Medium Brown
59 3275 Medium Red Metallic Bronze Stardust (Glamour Paint)
8 3198 Light Gold Light Gold
89 3333 Fall Bronze Metallic Red Stardust (Glamour Paint)
9 3120 Yellow Pastel Yellow
A 1724 Black Black
B 3316 Dark Maroon Dark Maroon
C 3323 Dark Ivy Green Metallic Dark Green
E 1906 Light Blue Light Blue
F 3065 Dark Aqua Metallic Dark Bright Aqua
H 2067 Light Green Light Green
I 3204 Dark Orchid Metallic Dark Orchid
J 3320 Deep Blue Metallic Deep Blue
L 3318 Light Gray Metallic Light Gray
M 1619 White White
O 3070 Medium Green Metallic Medium Green (Spring 1969)
P 3401 Medium Ivy Green Metallic Medium Ivy Green
Q 3319 Medium Blue Metallic Medium Blue
R 3342 Dark Brown Metallic Dark Brown
S 3199 Medium Gold Metallic Medium Gold
U 1070 Medium Aqua Metallic Medium Aqua
X 3063 Dark Blue Dark Blue
Y 3347 Medium Bronze Metallic Medium Bronze
Z 3346 Dark Gray Metallic Dark Gray

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