1968 Mercury Colors

Code Number Color Sales Name Sample
2 2050 Rose Metallic Tahitian Rose
3 1730 Vermilion Calypso Coral
6 1631 Light Beige Fawn
A 1724 Black Onyx
B 3059 Maroon Black Cherry
D 3077 Bright Blue Metallic Nordic Blue
F 3065 Dark Aqua Metallic Madras Blue
I 2041 Lime Green Metallic Lime Frost
M 1679 White Polar White
N 921 Pastel Blue Diamond Blue
O 2040 Light Green Sea Foam Green
P 2065 Pewter Metallic Pewter Beige
Q 1624 Medium Blue Metallic Glacier Blue
R 3067 Dark Green Metallic Augusta Green
T 2008 Red Cardnial Red
U 1070 Medium Aqua Metallic Caribean Blue
W 3120 Yellow Saxony
X 3061 Dark Blue Metallic Wellington Blue
Y 3073 Medium Gold Metallic Grecian Gold

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