1966 Mercury Colors

Code Number Color Sales Name Sample
2 1907 Dark Turquoise Metallic Palisade Turquoise
4 1901 Medium Silver Metallic Sheffield Silver
8 1955 Yellow Jamaican Yellow
A 1724 Black Onyx
C 1900 Dark Executive Gray Metallic Coventry Gray
F 1226 Light Blue Tiffany Blue
H 1912 Light Beige Sandstone
K 1903 Dark Blue Metallic Caspian Blue
M 1619 White Polar White
P 1910 Medium Palomino Metallic Bronze
R 1879 Dark Green Metallic Olive Mist
T 2008 Red Cardinal Red
U 1070 Medium Turquoise Metallic Turquoise Frost
V 1921 Emberglow Metallic Emberglo
X 1632 Maroon Metallic Burgundy
Y 1269 Light Blue Metallic Blue Ice
Z 1915 Medium Sage Gold Metallic Sage Gold

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