1964 Mercury Identification (Warranty Plate)

The above image illustrates the 1964 Mercury Warranty plate. The plate is located on the rear (lock) face of the left front door panel.

The official Vehicle Identification Number for title and registration purposes is stamped on a tab attached to the top right side (weld flange) of the dash panel in the engine compartment (see below). Do not use the "Vehicle Warranty Number" which appears on the Warranty plate for title or registration purposes.

Vehicle Data

54A YM 22 26H 33 5 4

54A    4-Door Sedan
YM Glacier Blue and Polar White
22 Med. Blue Cord Fabric and Lt. Blue Met. Crush Vinyl
26H 26th day of August
33 Cleveland District
5 3.50:1 Ratio
4 Dual Range Automatic Transmission


      54A    4-Door Sedan
      57A 4-Door Hardtop Fastback
      62A 2-Door Sedan
      63A 2-Door Hardtop Fastback
      65A 4-Door Hardtop
      76A 2-Door Convertible
      54B    4-Door Sedan
      57D 4-Door Hardtop Fastback
      63D 2-Door Hardtop Fastback
      65B 2-Door Hardtop
      54F    4-Door Sedan
      57C 4-Door Hardtop Fastback (Bucket Seats)
      57F 4-Door Hardtop Fastback
      63C 2-Door Hardtop Fastback (Bucket Seats)
      65C 4-Door Hardtop (Bucket Seats)
      57F 2-Door Hardtop
      75F 4-Door Hardtop
      76C 2-Door Convertible (Bucket Seats)
      76F 2-Door Convertible
Station Wagons
      71A    4-Door 6-Pass, Commuter
      71B 4-Door 6-Pass, Colony Park
      71C 4-Door 9-Pass, Commuter
      71D 4-Door 9-Pass, Colony Park


Two-tone paint codes use the same symbols as the single colors except that two symbols are used. The lower body color code will appear first in the Warranty Plate Paint Color Space.
If a special paint is used, the paint color space will not be stamped.

Code Number Color Sales Name
A 1724 Black Onyx
B 1638 Peacock Peacock
D 1625 Med. Turquoise Met. Silver Turquoise
F 1622 Med. Blue Met. Pacific Blue
G 1636 Buff Palomino
I 1635 Aztec Gold Aztec Gold
J 1515 Red Carnival Red
K 1621 Silver Blue Met. Anniversary Silver
L 1637 Bittersweet Bittersweet
M 1619 White Polar White
R 1633 Yellow Yellow Mist
T 1631 Lt. Beige Fawn
W 1555 Lt. Pink Met. Pink Frost
X 1632 Maroon Met. Burgundy
Y 1623 Lt. Blue Glacier Blue
Z 1630 Med. Beige Met. Platinum Beige

* "M-32-J" Acrylic Paint Alternate with "M-30-J"


Deviation trim sets will use existing trim codes plus a suffix. A trim code with a numeral suffix is not serviced, while a trim code with a alphabetical suffix is serviced.

Code Trim Schemes
  Discus Fabric and Crush Vinyl
11 Med. Silver Blue and Lt. Silver Blue Met.
12 Met. Blue and Lt. Blue Met.
14 Med. Beige and Lt. Beige Met.
16 Black and Black
  Cord Fabric and Crush Vinyl
22 Med. Blue and Lt. Blue Met.
24 Med. Beige and Lt. Beige Met.
26 Black and Black
  Stitched Rib Vinyl and Crush Vinyl (Crinkle)
32 Med. Blue Met. and Lt. Blue Met.
35 Red and Red
36 Black and Black
39 Med. Palomino and Med Palomino (*)
  Ostrich Vinyl and Crush Vinyl (Crinkle)
52 Med. Blue Met. and Lt. Blue D/L*
55 Red and Red
56 Black and Black
59 Med. Palomino and Med. Palomino
82 White Pearl and White Pearl
85 (W/Red) White and White Pearl
86 (W/Black) White Pearl and White Pearl
87 (W/Turq.) White Pearl and White Pearl
89 (W/Palomino) White Pearl and White Pearl
  Caspian Fabric and Crush Vinyl
61 Med. Silver Blue and Lt. Silver Blue D/L*
62 Med. Blue and Lt. Blue D/L*
64 Med. Beige and Lt. Beige D/L*
66 Black and Black
67 Med. Turquoise and Med. Turquoise Met.
  Crush Vinyl (Crinkle)
72 Med. and Lt. Blue Met.
75 Red
76 Black
79 Med. Palomino
  Ostrich Vinyl and Crush Vinyl(*Crinkle)
92 Lt. Blue Met. and Med. Blue Met.
95 Red and Red
96 Black and Black
97 Lt. Turquoise Met. and Med. Turquoise Met.
99 Med. Palomino and Med. Palomino (*)

* D/L - Diamond Luster


The code letters for the month are preceded by a numeral to show the day of the month when the car was completed. The second year code letters are to be used if 1964 model production exceeds 12 months.

Month First Model Year Second Model Year
January A N
February B P
March C Q
April D R
May E S
June F T
July G U
August H V
September J W
October K X
November L Y
December M Z


Domestic Special Orders, Foreign Special Orders, and Pre-Approved Special Orders have the complete order number recorded in this space. Also to appear in this space is the two-digit code number of the District which ordered the unit. If the unit is regular production, only the District code number will appear.

District Code
Code District
11 Boston
15 New York
16 Philadelphia
17 Washington
21 Atlanta
22 Dallas
23 Jacksonville
26 Memphis
31 Buffalo
32 Cincinnati
33 Cleveland
34 Detroit
41 Chicago
42 St. Louis
51 Denver
52 Los Angeles
53 Oakland
54 Seattle
81 Ford of Canada
84 Home Office Reserve
90-99 Export


A number designates a Conventional axle, while a letter designates an Equa-Lock differential.

Code Ratio Code Ratio
1 3.00:1 A 3.00:1
4 3.25:1 D 3.25:1
5 3.50:1 F 3.50:1
8 3.89:1 H 3.89:1
9 4.11:1 I 4.11:1


   1    3-Speed Manual-Shift
   2 Overdrive
   4 Automatic (Multi-Drive)
   5 4-Speed Manual-Shift

Vehicle Warranty Number

Example 4 W 42 Y 500001

4 1964 Model Year
W Wayne Plant Assembly
42 Monterey 4-Door Sedan
Y 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch Engine
500001 First Unit Built

Model Year

The numeral "4" designates 1964.

Assembly Plant

Code Letter Assembly Plant
S Pilot Plant
Z St. Louis
W Wayne


The model code number identifies the product line series and the particular body style: the first of the two digits shows the product line, and the second digit shows a two-door style by an odd number or a four-door style by an even number.

      41    2-Door Sedan
      42 4-Door Sedan
      43 2-Door Hardtop
      45 2-Door Convertible
      47 2-Door Hardtop Fastback
      48 4-Door Hardtop Fastback
      52    4-Door Sedan
      53 2-Door Hardtop
      57 2-Door Hardtop Fastback
      58 4-Door Hardtop Fastback
      62    4-Door Sedan
      63 2-Door Hardtop
      64 4-Door Hardtop
      65 2-Door Convertible
      67 2-Door Hardtop Fastback
      68 4-Door Fastback
Station Wagons
      72    4-Door 6-Pass, Commuter
      72 4-Door 9-Pass, Commuter
      76 4-Door 6-Pass, Colony Park
      76 4-Door 9-Pass, Colony Park


Code Engine
H 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch (2-barrel Special)
P 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch (4-barrel Police)
Q 8-Cylinder 427 Cubic Inch (4-barrel High Pref.)
R 8-Cylinder 427 Cubic Inch (8-barrel High Pref.)
Y 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch (2-barrel)
Z 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch (4-barrel)
9 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch (4-barrel, Low Compression)

Consecutive Unit Number

Each assembly plant, with each model year, begins with consecutive unit number 500001 and continues on for each unit built.

Data taken from "1964 Ford and Mercury Shop Manual"