1962 Mercury Colors

Code Number Color Sales Name Sample
A 1724 Black Presidental Black
B 1613 Medium Turquoise Peacock Blue
D 1451 Medium Turquoise Metallic Ocean Turquoise
E 1448 Medium Blue Metallic Pacific Blue
F 1449 Light Blue Sea Blue
H 1447 Dark Blue Metallic Blue Satin
I 1459 Gold Metallic Castilian Gold
J 1515 Red Carnival Red
K 1452 not available Light Aqua
L 1458 not available Teaberry (Monterey only)
M 1238 White Sultana White
P 1454 Medium Green Metallic Scotch Green
Q 1371 Light Gray Metallic Sheffield Gray
R 1456 Yellow Jamaica Yellow
T 1543 Honey Beige Champagne
U 1450 (Metallic) Velvet Turquoise (Monterey only)
X 1444 Maroon Metallic Black Cherry
Z 1427 Beige Metallic Desert Frost

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