1961 Mercury Comet Identification (Patent Plate)

Patent Plate

The patent plate is riveted to the rear face of the left front door. The letters and numerals stamped on the first two lines of the plate are codes which identify the vehicle by serial number, body type, color, trim, date, transmission and axle ratio

The following information will permit decoding the data on the 1961 Comet Patent Plate.

Model Year Identification

The numeral "1" denotes Model Year 1961.

Assembly Plant Identification

Code Letter Assembly Plant
H Lorain
K Kansas City
R San Jose

Body Series Identification

Code Number Body Style Body Type
11 62A 2-Door Sedan
12 54A 4-Door Sedan
17 62A 2-Door Sedan (S-22)
21 59A 2-Door Station Wagon
22 71A 4-Door Station Wagon

Engine Identification

Code Letter Cu. In. Disp. Cylinders Carburetor
S 144 6 O.H.V. IV
D* 144 6 O.H.V. IV
U 170 6 O.H.V. IV
E* 170 6 O.H.V. IV
* Low Compression, 84 Octane

Consecutive Unit Number Identification

The 1961 Comet consecutive unit number begins with 800,001.

Body Color Identification

Color Code
A single letter designates a solid body color and two letters and a number suffix denote a conventional two-tone - the first letter, the lower color and the second letter, the upper color. The numeral "1" following the two-tone paint codes designates a conventional arrangement.

Code Letter Color "M" Number
A Presidental Black M30J-1724
C# Turquoise Mist M30J-1139
D Blue Haze M30J-1361
E* Saxon Green Metallic M30J-1364
H Empress Blue Metallic M30J-1367
J Signal Red M30J-1232
K# Golden Bronze Metallic M30J-1369
M Sultana White M30J-1238
Q Sheffield Gray Metallic M30J-1371
R Colombia Blue Metallic M30J-1372
S* Green Frost M30J-1373
W Regency Turquoise Metallic M30J-1385
(All colors used on all models exceot as noted)
*Use on all models except 62A (S-22)
#Use on Model 62A (S-22)only

Trim Code

A two digit number indicates the type of trim and the trim color.
If, due to unavailability or other difficulties in production, a particular trim set is not intended for service (minor deviation from intended trim), the patent plate code will be followed with a numerical designation - For example: 45-1.
If the trim set is serviced directly, the patent plate code will bear an alphabetical suffix - For example: 45-A.

Trim Code Trim Scheme
02 Red Vinyl and Red-Gray Tweed B/Cloth
03 Blue Vinyl and Blue-Green Tweed B/Cloth
04 Green Vinyl and Blue-Green Tweed B/Cloth
05 White Vinyl and Black 3-D B/Cloth
06 Red Vinyl and Black 3-D B/Cloth
07 Blue Vinyl and Blue 3-D B/Cloth
08 Green Vinyl and Green 3-D B/Cloth
09 White and Black Vinyl
10 White and Red Vinyl
11 White Vinyl and Blue Green B/Cloth

Date and Month of Year Code

The number indicates the day of the month vehicle was built and the letter indicates the month. Following is the month of year code chart:
Code Letter Code Letter* Month Code Letter Code Letter* Month
A N January G U July
B P February H V August
C Q March J W September
D R April K X October
E S May L Y November
F T June M Z December
* 2 year code letters to be used if 1961 models exceed 12 months

Transmission Code

The transmission code number indicates the type of transmission installed in the vehicle.
Code Number Transmission
1 Standard
3 Comet Drive (Two Speed)

Rear Axle Ratio Code

Model Axle Code Displacement Axle Tag No.
Sedan 3.50 J 144 C1GG4001-K
S/W 3.50 J 144 C1DD4001-S
S/W* 4.00 4 144 C1DD4001-T
Sedan 3.20 5 170 C1GG4001-L
Sedan* 3.50 J 170 C1GG4001-M
S/W 3.50 J 170 C1DD4001-Y
Code 3 = 3.10:1

Data taken from Service Specifications Handbook for 1961 (FORM NO. MD-9937-61), and 1960-64 Master Parts Catalog