1960 Lincoln Colors

Code Number Color Sales Name Sample
A 1724 Black Presidential Black
B 1270 Dark (Metallic) Marine Blue
D 1070 Medium (Metallic) Sapphire
E 1269 (Metallic) Electric Blue
F 1226 Light Blue Blue Crystal
G 1262 not available Tawney Beige
I 1271 not available Pale Turquoise
J 1232 Red Cherokee Red
L 1276 (Metallic) Gold Dust
M 1238 White Polaris White
N 921 not available Platinum
Q 824 (Metallic) Copper
R 1275 not available Pastel Yellow
S 1272 (Metallic) Deerfield Green
T 1273 Medium (Metallic) Terra Verde Green
U 1266 (Metallic) Rose Glow
V 1265 Light Twlight Pink
W 1274 not available Killarney Green
X 1264 not available Maple Leaf
Y 1267 not available Spartan Gray
Z 1287 (Metallic) Cloud Silver

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