1960-61 Canadian VIN Identification (Serial Code Plate)

The serial code plate is installed on the left front body pillar.
Sample Serial Code Plate
Paint "IFF" Belmont Blue Metallic (Medium) MC-28J-1225-SE
Trim "06" Light Blue Vinyl and Medium Blue Cloth
Engine "FI" 6 Cylinder Engine (With Standard Transmission)
Serial Number
"100026" Twenty-Sixth Job Assembled
Model "6" Ford
Body Type "58E" Fairlane Fordor Sedan (With 6 Cylinder Engine)
Model Year "60" 1960 ("61" = 1961)
Assembly Point "L" Left Hand Drive ("R" = Right Hand Drive). Assembled at Oakville

Model Codes

Code Model
1 Mercury
2 Meteor (8 Cylinder)
3 Monarch
4 Ford (8 Cylinder)
5 Meteor (6 Cylinder)
6 Ford (6 Cylinder)
7 Falcon
8 Frontenac
9 Comet (1961 Only)

Body Identification Chart

Year Description
1960 1961
54A 54A Galaxie Fordor Sedan Montcalm Four Door Sedan
58A 58A Fairlane 500 Fordor Sedan Rideau 500 Four Door Sedan
58E 58E Fairlane Fordor Sedan Rideau Four Door Sedan
59C 59C Tudor Ranch Wagon Two Door Ranch Wagon
59E 59E Tudor Sedan Delivery Two Door Sedan Delivery
63A   Galaxie Tudor Hardtop Montcalm Two Door Hardtop
64A 64A Fairlane 500 Tudor Sedan Rideau 500 Two Door Sedan
64F 64F Fairlane Tudor Sedan Rideau Two Door Sedan
  65A Galaxie Tudor Hardtop Montcalm Two Door Hardtop
71E 71E Fordor Country Sedan (9 Pass.) Four Door Country Sedan (9 Pass.)
71F 71F Fordor Country Sedan (6 Pass.) Four Door Country Sedan (6 Pass.)
*71G *71G Fordor Country Squire (9 Pass.)  
71H 71H Fordor Ranch Wagon Four Door Ranch Wagon
  *71J Fordor Country Squire (6 Pass.)  
75A 75A Galaxie Fordor Hardtop Montcalm Four Door Hardtop
76B 76B Galaxie Sunliner Montcalm Convertible
58A †58A Fordor Sedan Four Door Sedan
59A †59A Tudor Station Wagon Two Door Station Wagon
64A †64A Tudor Sedan Two Door Sedan
*66A *66A Economy Pickup  
71A †71A Fordor Station Wagon Four Door Station Wagon
*63A *63A Hardtop  
*76A *76A Convertible  
*54A 54A Fordor Sedan  
*59A 59A Tudor Station Wagon  
*62A 62A Tudor Sedan  
*71A 71A Fordor Station Wagon  
* Imported on Wheels from U.S.A, † Falcon Only

Data taken from 1960-61 Chasis Parts and Accessories