1959 Thunderbird Colors

Code Number Color Sales Name Sample
A 1724 Black Raven Black
C 1168 Light Blue Baltic Blue
D 1019 Turquoise Indian Turquoise
E 524 White Colonial White
F 1068 Buff Hickory Tan
G 1066 Green Glacier Green
H 1015 Bronze Metallic Tahitian Bronze
J 1061 Blue Metallic Steel Blue
K 1073 Gold Metallic Sandstone
L 921 Light Blue/Gray Diamond Blue
M 1067 Beige Doeskin Beige
N 1060 Dark Blue Metallic Starlet Blue
Q 1065 Green Metallic Sea Reef Green
R 1216 Red BrandyWine
T 1071 Pink Flamingo
U 1172 Burgundy Metallic Cordovan
V 859 Light Yellow Casino Cream
W 1169 Dark Green Metallic Tamarack Green
Z 979 Light Gray Metallic Platinum

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